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There are not much of good and honest betting tips service online, in our network since year 2010 there are only 20+ service. And MaxBetSyndicate.com is one of the best we monitored so far. We will recommend them as the best mix parlay tipster in consistent wise.

Jere E. Williams

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Match fixing is often motivated by agreements with bookmaking syndicates. But even if there is no bookmaking syndicates involved, sometimes a team may deliberately lose to gain some perceived future advantage. This section explores many possible motivations for not playing as hard as possible to win.

About Us

MaxBetSyndicate was founded by a group of high rollers bettor in year 2013, With the demand of soccer betting tips growing higher and higher but actually they were not much real genuine tipster in market, every year there were millions of dollar from punters going wasted. Our company is focus in one aim, to be the provider to build a community of winners. This group of winner will balance the sports betting world, to create a winning group. With main understanding of promoting consistently accurate soccer betting tips for punters worldwide. With a combined industry experience of over 30 years, Our company have extensive insider links throughout the UK and Europe. Information are carefully gathered, micro-analysed and selectively hand-picked by our tipsters, to the highest confidence, every single match day, all year round. What we have secretly developed is an extremely reliable way to profit on a daily basis and we have worked very hard to make the use of the strategies we apply are easy to use for everybody.

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